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WebDX Consultation

We build and offer parallax sites, landing page proposals,
SNS, static/dynamic websites for small and medium-size businesses.

We also develop and provide "SIMPLE BOOK," a cloud CMS specializing in
web content management and peripheral service integration.



POINT01 WebDX Consultation

With the experience of producing more than 12,000 websites to date, and by making full use of SNS, we can produce a wide range of websites including official sites, shopping sites, parallax sites, landing pages, and smartphone sites, that are suited to the industry and characteristics of our clients.



POINT02 Application Development

We provide a variety of cloud services such as Coupon+: O2O system for stores, and SIMPLE BOOK: a website management system that combines robust security and simple operability.



POINT03 Website Development

We create and provide websites that meet our client's needs, and match the latest trends in a short period of time.

We listen to our client's requests and handle the entire development process, from consulting to design, as well as operation and maintenance.