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Web Integration

PC & Phone

SITE STAR Full custom-made website production package

After consulting with our client, we will create a one-of-a-kind website that is fully customizable.

Manage and update your website's content with content manager application: SIMPLE BOOK. Available on smartphone and PC.

PC icon Create a website
with less hassle.
We can handle everything from production to deployment. We will create a website tailored to your objectives and target customers.
Megaphone icon In a hurry?
Post a notice quick!
You can quickly add and modify information from your smartphone without opening your computer.
Person-talking icon See customer's response
You can learn about visitor behavior, such as which pages are viewed most frequently and what keywords were used to get to reach your site.
Global icon Increase website's visibility and credibility
We wll promote your company's products and technologies not only to Japan but also to the world.
Telephone icon Receive less phone calls
Everything from reservation availability and hours of operation to store accessibility will be on the website.
Graph icon Increase sales
With our website, you can expect to keep repeat customers and attract new customers.
People icon Improve recruitment
Attract skilled people who are interested in your business without having to conduct extensive recruiting activities.
heart icon Increase employee satisfaction
You can include content aimed at employees, such as publishing a company newsletter.

The value of your website have no limitations.

We offer ways to utilize your website that go beyond just attracting customers.


Our deigners will shape your ideas into reality

01. Our deigners will shape
your ideas into reality

We do not use template designs, therefore we provide a completely original design that is only one in the world.

We can create responsive designs that will attract your target customer.

Manage web contents with SIMPLE BOOK

02. Manage web contents

Manage and update your web contents without any prior front-end knowledge.

It is a user-friendly content management application that is available in smartphone too.

Latest accessibility measurements

03. Latest accessibility measurements

We will create a site that incorporates various measures that will be highly evaluated by search robots, such as SEO measures to increase search rankings, MEO measures to get hits in map searches, and VSEO measures to increase the number of video views.

Full support system

04. We will provide you
with our full support

Our customer support center will handle everything from maintenance and management of rental servers to after-sales follow-up after production is complete.

After-sales Services

Notebook and pencil icon Writer Pack

A service in which our writers will update your blog on your behalf.

We will gather up news and other information that is
related to your business and create articles for your target customers.

Providing high quality content will earn you a higher rating from search algorithms.

In addition, contents with carefully picked keywords
will increase SEO and the number of visits to your page.

Smartphone icon SNS Pack

An SNS (Facebook/X/Instagram) service which we will post regulary on your behalf.

Our SNS stories, articles and posts will be tailored to the characteristics of each SNS.

Laptop icon After Pack

A service in which we will update new information, blogs, and other areas where an update system is implemented on your behalf. Our staff will contact you by phone or email to discuss the changes.

Cloud Services

simplebook image


A simple management application for editing and
managing your web content.

Manage from your smartphone,
anywhere and everywhere.

We have developed a system that reduces vulnerabilities and prevents virus intrusion, making it more secure than
conventional CMS tools.


  • Anyone can easily edit the website
  • Available on Smartphone and PC
  • Easy to process photos
  • Reduce vulnerability and prevent virus intrusion


A reservation management system with beautiful and easy-to-use user interface.

Manage all customer reservations, including telephone, online, and in-person visits with this application. Add features without difficult setup or specialized knowledge.

It is also equipped with an automatic sending function that allows you to send emails to specific customers.



  • Manage all your customer reservations
  • Automatic email notification to your customers
  • Easy to add to your website