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Easy to use Online
Meeting (ZOOM)!

Here at SFIDA X Co. Ltd.,
we offer online meetings in ZOOM.

Click here if you have Meeting ID
or Personal Link Name

Online Meeting
(ZOOM) Procedures


Preparing a PC

Preperation is easy! All you
need is a computer with camera!

※ Please prepare a computer with a built-in camera, microphone, and speakers, or one that can be connected.

※ Desktop PC or laptop is OK!
※ Please don't use your smartphone.

※ Install ZOOM app for smoother experience.


Checking email

ZOOM invitation
will be sent to your email!

※ The director in charge will send reference materials, invitation address, ID/password, etc. to your email address a day before your interview date.

Metting will take about 2 hours


Online interview with SFIDA X

Start Online meeting (ZOOM)!

※ On the date and time of interview, click on the invitation address. Enter your ID and password if necessary.

If there are no problems with the video or audio, we will start the online meeting between the customer, director, and sales staff.